Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney

Bring us your problem, and our bankruptcy attorney will get a solution. At May Law Firm, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama, we provide services for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 debtor's court. We handle from when you come in until you receive a complete discharge.

Money - Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Case Standards

If you come in to tell us of issues regarding foreclosures, repossessions, payday loans, we will guide you in the best route to take. For any bankruptcy case, you will always meet the attorney for the consultation.

Chapter 7

With Chapter 7 cases, we can completely liquidate most, if not, all, of your debt. Once you come in and we file the paperwork, you won't owe any more money.

Chapter 13

For Chapter 13 cases, we help set up a payment plan. We work with you to find the right payment plan or structure over the course of six months up to five years.

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